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    What to bring

    As with any Canadian hunt, you need to protect yourself from the elements.
    Wind, rain, maybe even snow.
    Spring and fall hunts can have biting insects, wind and rain and on occasion even snow.
    So ;
    - Insect repellent. 
    - Warm clothing as the temperature can drop below freezing in the evening even though its blistering hot during the daytime. 
    - Rain gear is essential as is wind protection.
    - Your medication and personal hygiene stuff. *
    - Hunting gear.
    - Warm and Water proof boots to just below the knees. *
    - Safety harness,
    - Your preferred beverages.  Beer and liquor are available locally here in Gillam. *
    - Flashlight.
    - Range finder.
    - Binoculars.
    - Gloves .
    - Camera
    - Fishing tackle.
    - 125 quart or larger cooler.
    Fall hunter dress requires a blaze orange cap and jacket or vest having a minimum of 400 sq. in. total coverage. The cap needs to be non- camo, only solid orange but may have an emblem on the front.
    We supply all meals and bedding unless of course you have a favourite pillow.