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    Typical Days Hunt

    Your day will begin with leisure activity and breakfast at 9 am.
    Lunch at 2pm then on to your hunt location by 3pm to have you hunting by 4 pm. These are typical times which can vary due to circumstances and stand locations.
    Most baited sites are a pick up truck ride and 5 to 15 minutes walk or atv ride off a gravel road or trail.

    You will have 6 days to hunt.
    Your hunt may last only 1 day……  Do you shoot that 250 pound bear on the first day or wait?  We say wait. There are plenty of huge 300 pound bears around.
    Remember. A  250 pound spring bear will weight about 30% more in the fall hunts.

    Leisure time between hunts can be driving around  Gillam or looking at the huge hydro electric dams in the area or pick up a fishing licence locally and go fishing for walleye, big northerns or brook trout.

    You could be eating fresh fish for lunch.