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    (Beautiful Manitoba)

    Our Bears

    Manitoba has some of the biggest black bears in the world. In 2001 a monster black bear was killed by a car in August. It  weighed 856 pounds after loosing body fluid due to the collision with a car. Bears in Manitoba will slow down their eating in October to prepare for hibernation. Had that bear not been killed, he would have continued to eat for another 30-60 days.
    Biologists speculated that by hibernation time , the huge 15 year old trophy class black bear could have weighed between 900 and 1,000 pounds. That’s bigger than some grizzly bears.
    Our cameras have caught this picture of this absolutely huge monster black bear. What do you think he weights?

    One is waiting for  “ YOU”
    Why do we have some of the biggest bears?

    Hunting pressure ????
    There isn’t any…….  OUR AREA is exclusive and very large.
    The locals don’t typically hunt bears, so there is very little resident harvest in this remote area.

    Contact us now to book your hunt and FISH FOR FREE.