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    BLUE RIM OUTDOORS has a vast exclusive black bear hunting area and  is a “fly to” or a “drive to” destination. Over the years we have found huge bears you can only find in manitoba.

    The Gillam air strip is gravel and the area is serviced by Commercial Airlines.
    The highway to Thompson is pavement and the road from there to Gillam is an all weather gravel road.
    There are stretches along our hunting area that are paved.

    Our Area is HUGE….. With about 1,000 square miles or 640,000 acres of pristine wilderness available to "Only Us”.
    These 1,000 square miles are easily to reasonably easily accessible in a reasonable amount of time. 
    (NO  2 hour 4 wheeler rides).
    10 to 30 minutes is normal  for your trip to your tree stand.
    Then there is the other one million (1,000,000. Approx. ) more square miles of  boreal forest that is hard to get to or just would take too long.  This is our nursery for our large bear population. As bears grow up and wander in search of food or a mate, they might just be attracted to the smell of our active bait sites, which we keep baited even when we are not hunting them. We will monitor them with cameras for the really big bears and can tell if only a sow with cubs are there.
    Our farthest bait is 1 hr. by road and is still 100 miles from the next outfitter.
    We may not hunt this bait often but maintain it as our boundary bait.

    The mighty NELSON RIVER empties into the Hudson Bay. It is along this beautiful scenic river and its tributaries that we conduct most of our bear hunts. With no less than 15 tributaries dumping into the Nelson , we have no problem finding quality monster black bears as bears are attracted to water.

    The nelson River Hydro electric power dams


    When you hunt with blue rim Outdoors at Gillam Manitoba, you will occasionally pass right over one of the massive hydro electric power dams built across the mighty Nelson River. That is only one of the many dams already built and more proposed.
    The very power you use at home in the USA could well come from right here.
    The Nelson River projects began in the late 1950’s and are ongoing today.

    Unfortunately, due to the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers , inside tours of these power dams are not available.