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    General Hunt Conditions

    You will drive to our camp at Gillam Manitoba or fly into the Gillam airport at your cost and we pick you up there and take you 5 minutes to our camp.

    Spring hunts:
    We recommend you bring insect protection. There are mosquitoes and other biters but NO TICKS.
    1 bear limit per year.  A sow with cubs is protected.

    Fall hunts :
    Required: blaze orange cap and vest.
    Early fall can still see insect problems so protection may be needed.
    1 bear limit as for spring hunts. No sows with cubs.
    BONUS :  FREE TIMBERWOLF . Fall hunts allow a one timber wolf harvest when you still have an unused bear tag. Once you harvest a bear, you cannot continue to hunt wolves.
    Since you are allowed a one bear per year harvest limit, if you are unsuccessful with the spring bear hunt in the same hunt zone in Manitoba, you may book another hunt and use the same unused bear tag.
    Example:  If you didn’t get a bear in the first spring hunt you can re-book  to use your tag later in the spring or fall  of the same year. We will deduct $500. from that hunt..
    Remember : The FISHING IS FREE. (just purchase your licence)
    You could also ride the train to Manitoba’s only seaport, “CHURCHILL”

    You are responsible for all border crossing paperwork and firearm clearance.
    (Non resident firearms declaration) See “Canada Customs at www.bordercrossing.ca
    We skin your bear but leave the skull in and quick freeze, unless you want something different. (talk to your taxidermist) 125 quart or larger cooler needed to take back your trophy.  We do not salt the hides unless requested (airlines don’t like it)
    The guide ratio is 3-1 in Manitoba but we usually provide a 2-1 or 1-1 ratio.
    NO trophy fees.