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    What are my chances at killing a  bear?
    The Manitoba harvest rate using the services of an outfitter is 80-90%. This is a statistical # that can vary according to the quality of the outfitter . Meaning, does he provide large numbers of quality bears and a good effort to put you in front of a great  bear. Some outfitters may provide a 100 % success rate.  This is where we  will strive to be. We already provide a near to 100% opportunity.

    What are my chances of harvesting a record book bear?
    Our area provides for approx.  25% record bear harvest each year.
    This may vary more or less from year to year. We are not the ones “pulling the trigger”


    How big do our bears get?
    A Giant Manitoba bear was known to weight almost 1,000 lbs. But the average is 400 pounds. Fall bears typically weigh 30% more than they do in the spring.  See pictures of a couple of huge bears our cameras caught recently. I estimate their weights around 800-900 pounds. Only when a hunter gets one of them will we know for sure.
    50% of the bears harvested are over 6 ft. The largest bear so far was 7’8”.

    Do I need to bring my own stand?
    NO. We have ground blinds and stands ready for you . The really big bears are already used to them, having seen them weeks before you arrive.

    Do you pick us up at the airport ?
    Yes, The airport is at Gillam and has regular scheduled flights. The airport is only minutes from our camp.

    Can we drive to your camp?
    Yes.  it’s about a 12 hr drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capitol city..
    You could fly to Winnipeg then rent a vehicle and see Manitoba’s northern terrain on your way to our camp at Gillam.

    What else is there to do if I get an early bear?
    Gillam is a community of 1500 people so you can shop or tour the town.  Visit the hydro electric dams nearby. Or even hop on the train and go see Manitoba’s only seaport at Churchill.  Also our camp has cable TV.

    Is there any fishing?
    Yes, of course. Manitoba’s north has great world class fishing and our area is no exception.  Just minutes from our camp is great fishing for walleye and northern pike and another 30 minutes we can have you fishing for brook trout.  Bring your fishing tackle.

    How long are the shots?
    We typically keep the baits between 10 and 30 yards from the stand.
    This allows you a better opportunity to judge your trophy and make a clean one shot kill

    Can I bring firearm into Canada.
    It is your responsibility to contact Canada Customs to make all necessary arrangement to do so. Find that information here : www.bordercrossing.ca

    What do I do if I get a bear?
    You will contact your guide via cell phone or hand held radio. He will be close by and take over from there.