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    Bear Management

    Our Department of Natural Resources has done an excellent job of maintaining our spring bear hunt.
    The anti hunting society continues to try to stop all hunting.
    With surveys and biological sampling from harvested bears our Government  has proven that there is NO detrimental effect from spring bear hunts on sows with cubs.
    We, as a conscientious outfitter, try to maintain a boar only harvest.

    - We place our stands close to the baits (10-30yds) so its easier to tell if it’s a non desirable bear or a protected bear . ie: A sow with cubs. And also to make you more comfortable with a one shot kill.
    - We will try to monitor all baits with trail cameras to tell if there is a sow with cubs only…. Then we will not hunt that site but will continue baiting.
    - We will not over hunt a bait. Our area is huge, so we will spread out our hunts.

    We Ask that:
    - You watch the bear you want to harvest for 10 minutes to make sure it does not have cubs.
    - You allow yourself time to settle down before attempting to harvest your trophy.

    We want one shot kills. You owe respect to that animal.
    Be proficient with your weapon, Rifle, bow or black powder.

    Manitoba is a one bear limit province. NO over harvesting here!

    We will do everything we can to retrieve a wounded animal. If we fail, you will be put on another stand. Draw blood a second time….your hunt is over.

    Our policies help to ensure that there will always be huge black bears in Manitoba.
    We hope you will understand and respect our policies. Ethical hunters do!