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    (Trees Stand)

    Baited sites.

    All our hunt locations are over active baits. 
    Perfect for hunting big canadian bears.
    Typically your tree stand will be a ladder made from the surrounding timber and kept in a good safe condition and replaced as needed.
    The seat is usually a metal frame with plywood chained and bolted to the tree.  We will supply a cushion.
    The sites are carefully chosen and have been previously baited and are active with several bears usually.
    We like to keep our  baits right in the thick of things so to speak. Large bears feel more comfortable with lots of cover.   10-30 yard shots are normal.
    We use steel drums with oats and used cooking oil with that flavour and aroma that bears love so much to attract them.
    This works excellent. The bears get this oil on their feet and spread it all though the area thus advertising the bait for us. Our bait noramly attracts biggest manitoban bears.
    We use oats because it keeps the bears at the bait. Some outfitters use large chunks of bait which still works BUT….. The bears can “grab and run” which leaves the hunter little or no chance at the bear. NO ! we try to keep our bears at the barrel working for their meal.

    Our baits are usually about 2 miles apart. This helps to ensure that they are not all attracted to one location.

    Once you have harvested your bear, You are urged to stay in your stand until your guide arrives. Contact can be made right away by phone or radio.