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    (picture of me and my wife)

    About Us

    Glen and Sandy Heroux are your hosts.

    Having been a hunter ,trapper and outdoorsman since childhood, Glen started an outfitting business in 1989 offering bear, deer, duck, goose and upland game bird hunts. In the Interlake area of Manitoba.

    He built up his clientele over the years earning his business a North American Hunting Club recommended guide and outfitter service status.

    He took great pride in this as he continued to produce many trophies for his guests over the years. He sold that hunting business in 1998.

    He knows his way around most firearms including black powder and archery. He started a local archery club and small hobby archery retail business.
    He continued his guiding service for another outfitter for a number of years after selling his outfitting business.
    Having been away from the outfitting business for a while and missing that kind of lifestyle, he met a friend for coffee one day as he passed through.

    That friend was also an outfitter. The conversation led to “Do you know anyone who might be interested in an outfitting business”?

    After a very short deliberation Glen thought, “Yeh, ME”.  So a deal was struck and Glen was back in the hunting business. Everything Glen wanted in a bear hunting area was here. The area around Gillam in Manitoba’s north provided a pristine wilderness boreal forest setting and along part of the Nelson River and its tributaries affording good bear habitat. There are giant record book black bears here with a good percentage being color phase bears.
    With virtually no resident bear hunting, this area has lots of huge old bears some would even call “monster bears”.

    Why  Glen jumped on this opportunity was simple.
    *There were plenty of bears. * No other outfitters close by. * Extremely large untapped un-hunted area.  * Easy access. Fly to Drive to location

    *Big bears that die from old age.  *A pristine area he could explore and develop for his bear hunting guests.   A dream area for his “Only Bears “ new business.   Well ,Ok ! Theres’  Free fishing too.
    He was back in business providing a high quality black bear hunting experience  for all bear hunters.

    Do you want to hunt big canadian bears well contact us.